Who would have ever thought that masks would replace a woman’s bright and beautiful lipsticks? Of course, for men, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus made people go by surprise. With that, masks became an in-thing. And ever since the pandemic outbreak, people have been sincere about wearing masks. 

They have researched a lot about wearing masks and when to throw them away. If you want a recap of all the details, welcome to this post. Make yourself comfortable in this post and learn about wearing your office mask.

A Comprehensive Guide to Wearing Your Mask Properly

So, you are here to wear your mask, right? If yes, here’s more on wearing it better. Since the world has now overcome the health crises, people want to stay safe even if they have coughs and colds. So, for them, here’s how to wear the best masks for COVID.

  • The first step is to sanitize the hands with sanitizer and soap. Always remember to do this for 20 minutes (as suggested by WHO earlier)
  • Next, you need to ensure that the mask’s exterior face out when some part of it is missing throw the mask. That’s the time you need to use another mask.
  • After this, you need to unfold the pleats & ensure that they are facing down
  • Place the mask over the mouth, nose, and chin
  • The next thing that you need to do is to put every ear loop around the ear (each loop for each ear)
  • When the mask comes with strings, it is time to tie them properly
  • Soon after then, the mask comes in the right shape; it is time to use the thumb & index finger. Pinch its bendable portion around the bridge of the nose
  • When it comes to the tie, it is time to tie the lower one (soon after it gets fitted to the bridge behind the head)
  • You can tie it now.
  • Now, it is time to ensure that it covers the mouth and nose under the chin
  • After this, you need to wash your hands properly

How Will You Remove the Masks?

It goes without saying that wearing a mask needs maintaining hygiene, and so does removing it. On this note, here are the things to consider when removing your mask. 

  • The first thing you must consider is washing the hands
  • After this, you need to untie it without touching it. Open strings, or you may remove the straps from the ears
  • When it is a surgical mask, you can throw it off in the dustbin
  • Did you choose the N-95 mask? If yes, you need to wash it. Remember not to touch the filter
  • Now, wash your hand with liquid soap or sanitizer that contain alcohol

Buy the best masks for COVID and follow these steps.

These are the prime things you need to do when wearing and removing your office mask.